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How long has Emotiva Photo & Video been established?

Emotiva Photo & Video has been around since 2006 and is run by an Australian husband and wife team who continue to shoot weddings regularly.

How many hours do your packages cover?

Our packages are not allocated on hours, all our packages begin 2 hours prior to your ceremony, through to either bridal dance or to the end of your reception (depending on which package you choose).

Is there a maximum length you will shoot for on a wedding day?

Yes. We begin shooting 2 hours prior to your ceremony, ending at either bridal dance or end of your reception (depending on your package). However, if your wedding day is exceptionally long and we are required to shoot for more than 12 hours, you must let us know before you book with us as additional fees will apply.

What is the difference between a highlight video and full video?

A highlight video includes 1 videographer who captures the best parts of your day. You will receive a 5-7 minute video edited to two songs of your choice, the editor puts together the best and most significant parts of your day, with some audio. A full video includes 2 videographers, you receive a video highlight and your entire ceremony from start to finish, as well as all your reception formalities, including all speeches. Full video is a much more comprehensive package with an additional videographer.

What is your turnaround time for photos and video?

We deliver your images within 4-6 weeks after your wedding day. Your video is delivered 3-4 months after your wedding day.

How do we receive our images and video?

Your images are sent to you on a USB, all in high resolution and delivered in colour and black and white. Your video highlight is sent in two formats, a HD digital link and on DVD. The full video is also delivered on a DVD.

How big is the team at Emotiva Photo & Video?

There are 10 of us at Emotiva Photo & Video. We have all been shooting weddings for many years and are highly skilled at what we do.

Can we request certain crew members for our day?

No. The Studio Manager assigns crew according to the package booked and location of wedding.

How does the interest free payment plan work?

We outsource all our online payments through a company called EzyPay. Emotiva Photo & Video set up an account for you through EzyPay and you begin payments the following month you book with us. The maximum duration you can pay for your wedding package is over 24 months, simply divide the total fee of your package by 24 to work out your monthly payments, no interest is incurred. Payment comes out of your bank account at the start of every month as a direct debit, just like your mobile phone bill. No credit checks are required, you simply agree to the terms and conditions when activating your account.

Is there a catch/hidden fees to your interest free, monthly payment plan?

No way! We offer the interest free monthly payments to benefit our couples and help them book the package of their dreams in an affordable way.  The only time extra fees will apply is if you miss a payment. Every missed payment incurs a $20 admin fee, this is charged directly from EzyPay – the company that handles your online payments. If more than 3 payments are missed, your EzyPay account is cancelled and the remaining balance of your package is owed directly to Emotiva Photo & Video immediately.

If we sign up to the monthly payment plan and we are still paying for our package after our wedding, do we have to wait until full payment has been made to receive our content?

No, you do not have to wait for your content if you are still paying for your package.  You will receive all your content in the usual time frames. When you book with Emotiva Photo & Video, you sign a contract with us and with EzyPay to ensure your payments keep rolling after your wedding day.

If we sign up to the payment plan, is it possible to cancel the monthly payments in the future and pay off our wedding as a lump sum? If so, will we be charged for this?

Yes, our monthly payment system is highly flexible. You can pay off your wedding at any point if you wish to do so, you just need to inform us.  No additional fees apply to do this.

We do not want to go through the monthly payment plan, what is the other payment option?

You pay $750 (non refundable deposit) immediately for us to lock in your day, then the remaining balance of your package is due 30 days before your wedding.

We have a specific style we want our wedding shot in, can we request this?

Emotiva Photo & Video have their own style… timeless, classic and authentic to the day, and we take bookings based on that. We do not heavily photoshop images and cannot change our style. Please go through our recent weddings to ensure we are the right production company for you.  If there are specific poses or night shots you want, you can request this, please inform us before your wedding day.

Is there anything we need to do for the preparation shots prior to the ceremony?

You must make sure you both have at least one clean and tidy room in your home/hotel for us to shoot in, preferably the best lit room. This saves a lot of time for crew and enables them to begin shooting as soon as they arrive.

How far will you travel?

We do travel outside the greater Sydney region, interstate and overseas, however extra fees will apply. Please contact us.

What if it rains?

We ask that you have enough umbrellas for your bridal party – organise this with the cars you are travelling in.  If the rain is heavy, we will find undercover spots, if it’s lightly raining we may ask you to stay under your umbrellas for some epic rain shots.

What type of equipment do you use to shoot?

We shoot on Canon and Nikon DSLR’s, with an array of different lenses, tripods, monopods and glidecams.

How do you record your audio?

We record all our audio externally, the groom is mic’d up during ceremony and additional audio devices are placed around your ceremony and throughout your reception.

Who chooses the music for our highlight video?

You do. The Studio Manager will contact you after your wedding day asking for your two song choices.

Do you shoot stills in RAW or JPEG?

We shoot all our images in RAW.

Do you provide the raw footage?

We do not provide any raw footage to our couples.

Can we meet with you before we choose to book with Emotiva Photo & Video?

Yes, we are based in Vaucluse and can meet couples at a local cafe.

We want to book your photography services but we're still not sure on video, can we book at a later stage if we change our minds?

This is our most popular question. Yes, you can definitely book photography now and video at a later stage, however we cannot offer a combined package price once the contract goes through and there is no guarantee that our videographers will be available on your day, if you do change your mind. Remember, 98% of brides regret not having video after their wedding day, so don’t be one of them.

You haven't shot at our venue before, should we be worried?

Definitely not. There are always new venues popping up so it is impossible to have shot at every one. Our crew find the best places to shoot on your wedding day, every day is different in terms of weather, lighting etc… so making decisions on the actual day is always best. Your venue might also have other weddings on the same day as yours, our crew are experienced combating this issue and thinking on their feet.

Do we need to feed the crew?

Absolutely! We are human too. After shooting for many hours, we definitely require at least one main meal per crew member at your reception.

Where do the crew sit in our reception venue?

Most venues have a seating area for crew. Please check with your venue to ensure we have an area where we can leave our equipment and view the evenings proceedings so that we do not miss anything.

The Queensberry wedding album seems more expensive than albums we have found online that we can order ourselves?

Queensberry albums ARE more expensive than the ordinary album you find on the internet and this is because they are individually hand made and built to last generations, ensuring your album is handed down to your children and your children’s children.  Ordering a cheap album online may seem appealing when you have already blown your wedding budget, but remember to not only think about today, but to think about the future. You want something to last generations and with Queensberry you are guaranteed.